Pointricity – loyalty program for events

Pointricity - loyalty program for events

Pointricity is a loyalty program for events. With Pointricity, you can easily reward attendees for actions that will lead to revenue. Additionally, you are able to capture valuable data for your leads that can help you in future marketing campaigns.

Pointricity rewards you for your time and actions. Whether it is visiting a store, attending a webinar or completing a survey, with Pointricity you can collect points for your actions and exchange those points for great stuff.

Traditional loyalty programs only reward you after you make a purchase. Pointricity enables partners to reward their customers for their time. It's all about interactions with Pointricity. Visiting a store, completing a survey or joining a sales call takes time and effort and you should be rewarded. That's where Pointricity is better. You engage, you collect points and you can redeem for free stuff. Your time is precious and you should be rewarded.



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Client: Pointricity
Location: Toronto, ON