Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Need a functionality that doesn’t come out-of-the-box with WordPress?

One of the best things about WordPress is the massive high-quality community that is constantly working on creating excellent plugins. Thanks to their dedication, there are ‘off the shelf’ products to accomplish almost any website task that you can think of.

However, for the larger and more complex websites like large-scale content-driven websites or e-commerce retailers, it’s sometimes necessary to get under the hood, so to speak, and build custom solutions that meet certain specific requirements.

If you have a WordPress website that needs a little more functionality, or if you can’t find plugins that have the features you require in the WordPress store, then read on to discover the new, modern solutions that I offer to help you build a website that is aligned with your own unique style and has all the necessary functionalities that you desire.

What Are Custom Plugins And Why Do You Need Them?

Basically, a plugin is a snippet of code that defines a specific functionality that you can add to your site, and get the benefits of, without messing with any of the website’s core features. Customized plugins are built to fulfill website-specific needs and broaden additional features.

It’s not unusual to find yourself in a situation where none of the available plugins can satisfy your specific requirements, and the most effective way around that is Custom WordPress Plugin Development.

Such solutions make it possible for you to turn any concept into reality, and you’ll be able to achieve the precise results that you’re seeking at any level on your site. With custom WordPress plugin development, you will also be able to stand out and promote your brand in much more effective ways.

This can help you significantly broaden your opportunities to increase the most important bottom-line metrics in your business.

Not only will the extra modules that are developed specifically for your needs help to make your site conveniently easy to manage, but they will also make your project more useful and goal-oriented when it comes to build your business’s success.

The Benefits of WordPress Plugin Development

Choosing to get a custom solution helps you solve certain tasks, and this new approach to your business’s specific needs facilitates the results you want. As a WordPress plugin developer, I can provide you with the ideal solutions to bring these benefits and more:

  • Extra website functionality
  • Increased opportunities for third party integrations
  • Customized user accounts and forms
  • Enhanced features for digital marketing
  • Effective solutions for convenient website management
  • Improved security and stability
  • Useful widgets for content management
  • Unique, new look for your website

I constantly work on developing new WordPress plugins, and I’m ready to provide you with new products that are useful, qualitative, and help you solve tasks effectively and efficiently.

Here Are Some Examples Of Custom Solutions:

    • Integration of APIs and outside data into your WordPress website, or merging the data from two existing plugins
    • Creation of advanced functionality for e-commerce websites, such as customization of existing functionality or the addition of completely new features
    • Implementation of wholesale changes to current themes or plugins. For instance, I’ve built custom plugins to achieve major customizations of WooCommerce, Genesis Framework, and bbPress.

Why My Plugins?

    All my plugins are built with a strong focus on quality. They also exhibit each and every one of the following characteristics:

    • They contain clean code
    • They are compatible with the majority of WordPress solutions
    • They are stable and secured
    • They are created in exact compliance with your specific needs
    • They are developed in a timely manner

    I focus on each customer individually and cater to their specific needs. I know that custom WordPress plugin development can help you to achieve maximum results in your business, and that’s why I’m committed to creating to helping you create new and useful modules to aid in your success.

    Important Things To Keep In Mind

    As a website or business owner, it’s vital for you to realize the fact that not every developer understands that additional website functionality needs to be implemented by way of a plugin, and not by simply adding snippets of code to the functions.php.

    This is something you must pay attention to if you don’t want to lose the customized functionality and all the add-on features of your site once you install a new theme. By disabling your theme, it could cause all the hooked functionalities to disappear, leaving your site without all the features that made it special.

    With that in mind, your first step to custom WordPress plugin development begins with planning.

    This will help you avoid disaster in the future. I can help you create a well-planned custom plugin for your site to help you embed all the extra functionalities that you require without missing out anything. After carefully auditing your specific requirements, I will guide you through all the steps involved in the entire process:

    • Planning
    • Designing
    • Requirement gathering
    • Development
    • Testing, and finally…
    • The Maintenance of your plugin to ensure that you have a successful product that will work perfectly on any theme, and one that can be updated easily to keep up with the ever-evolving versions of WordPress.


    Whether you want simple plugins for your website or the more crucial ones, I assist you throughout the entire development cycle because following this sequence of actions in creating customized WordPress plugins for your site will help you avoid any unnecessary costs, as well as lengthy codes, bad implementations, and stretched timelines.

    Developing custom plugins is often accompanied by the creation of custom themes, and I work with you over the long term to manage, upgrade, and secure all your plugins.

    Just contact me and you will get:

    • All the necessary extra features for your site
    • Qualitative plugins that broaden your business opportunities
    • Unique solutions that meet your exact criteria

    If you have any questions or need more information on my Custom WordPress Plugin Development services, just get in touch with me via the Contact page on my site and I’ll be happy to provide you with everything you need.