Having problem with Linodes and space on the Siteground hosting

Having problem with Linodes and space on the Siteground hosting?

Do you use SG emails? Emails take up a lot when people refuse to delete. Check your spam / trash folders and delete them, clear up your sent folder too.

Do you use the SG Optimizer plugin and not other caching plugins which create a lot of backup files filling up your account with cache files?

Do you have sites with all the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 themes? Those cause inodes that are useless. Delete those.

Do you have images you are not using in your sites (media)? Delete those too. Good approach is to optimize existing ones so you free some disk space and speed up your site.

**Do you have a ton of plugins on your sites? **Uninstall those you don't need.

Do you have many staging sites at the same time? When you are done with them, they should be destroyed.

Do you have multiple backups created by a plugin, logs, saved and of course custom files automatically generated? Delete backups you don't need.
Check all the statistics / error logs files on your server (they can grow huge - I found some error files to be even 2 GB big!)

**Did you clean your database from the various garbage? **If you didn't, do it as well.

Want to backup emails?

Please follow the next instructions:

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